Best iOS 10.2 and 10.3 Jailbreak Alternative Tools for Getting Apps

By C. de Lacy / 2017.04.26

Both iOS versions 10.2 and 10.3 have been too elusive in getting any proper jailbreak treatment and up to this day, users haven't gotten any close to a stable solution that even prevents users of newer devices like iPhone 7 variants from getting any jailbreak perks. Luckily, there are several alternatives and the combination of Cydia Impactor and Ext3nder does wonder.

Before, sideloading unsigned apps were only possible with users who use Mac. This was through the use of a software called Xcode. Fortunately, saurik have developed another tool of similar purpose, catered for Windows and Linux users as well. The app Cydia Impactor, is a side-loading tool, capable of letting any user from installing any .ipa file downloaded from the internet.

The first step in doing this is by downloading the app from the official site. Once downloaded, the user can simply download any iOS app (.ipa file) of their choice from any safe site. Not having an iOS 10 jailbreak exploit active can open up to possible harmful sites through this method so be sure to check the files first with the most updated anti-virus software available.

After securing both the Cydia Impactor tool and the .ipa file. The user simply needs to plug in the iPhone or iPad device to the computer via USB cable. This should be done prior to starting the program for side-loading.

The next step involves dragging the downloaded .ipa file to Cydia Impactor's window. The user will be prompted to enter their username and password for their iTunes account. This is completely safe, but those who prefer using separate accounts for such purpose can do it as well.

After a couple of seconds, the .ipa file will be installed and a “complete” message will show on Cydia Impactor's window. The final step is by going to Settings> General > Profile & Device Management. The account developer account should be trusted in order for the side-loaded apps to run. Once done, the app will be placed on the springboard and can be launched normally.

It should be taken note that there's only a maximum of three apps per free developer account and these apps also need to be re-signed every seven days. To go about doing this, simply do the same process WITHOUT uninstalling the app from the springboard to prevent progress loss on particular games or settings on certain apps.

This seemingly tedious process can also be automated with an app called “Ext3nder,” which can be found here. However, it should be noted that in order to fully combine these two applications, the user needs to ensure that they are using a supported device with Cydia and AppSync installed. Otherwise, the earlier mentioned procedure will still apply.

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