Netizens Angry over BTS Plagiarizing BIGBANG’s T.O.P’s Performance

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.02.23

Some fans demanded an apology from BTS for allegedly copying BIGBANG’s T.O.P during the group Gaon Music Awards performance.

Many were happy for the recent 6th Gaon Music Awards and BTS was one of the famous South Korean boy groups who performed on stage. BTS performed their famous songs like “Save Me” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

However, shortly after their grandiose performance, some netizens think that the group plagiarized some parts of T.O.P’s solo performance on BIGBANG concerts.

The fans highlighted that the group started performing after a “no signal” screen, which is claimed by VIP (fans of BIGBANG) that it is originally created and a concept from T.O.P.

Watch BTS’ performance for the 6th Gaon Music Awards below:

Here’s the video of T.O.P’s solo performance during BIGBANG’s concert:

Some BIGBANG fans commented saying that YG Entertainment should take legal action.

The hashtag #노_시그널_사과해주세요 (meaning #No_Signal_Please apologise) also started to trend on Twitter with more netizens began demanding BTS for apology.

“Big Bang was first to apply ‘no signal’ into their performance. You have to accept the truth,” one online user commented.

“They copy everything!  Why does BTS keep copying!”another fan stated.

Some BTS fans also fired back for the harsh comments.

"Big Bang didn't invent sh*t, “ one user said. "Why should they apologize? Do a search for 'no signal' and you will get millions of results. Overreaction at its finest."

Meanwhile, All Kpop reported that the YG Live Performance Producer is also agreeing about the plagiarism scandal and even wrote something online that says,“"Hmmmmmm.... Our hard work".

For now, both BIGBANG and BTS have not yet released any statements about this issue.

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