'Dungeon Defenders 2' 'Trials' Update: PDT will Officially be Nerfed in Upcoming Patch

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.02.01

The day has finally come. The overpowered Poison Dart Towers in "Dungeon Defender 2" will be nerfed in the next "Trials" update.

Speaking on the recent devstream, Trendy Entertainment confirmed that the upcoming update, their biggest yet, will bring some huge stats and numbers rebalancing. This includes a "fix" to the highly OP huntress defense, the PDT.

Trendy Entertainment's Elandrian revealed that the PDT will no longer be the powerhouse that it is today once the "Trials" update arrives. He also confirmed that he did the adjustment on the huntress' Toxic Shock weapon himself.

"PDT got kicked in the face a little bit by yours truly, "Elandrian joked, "so if you're sad about it, you know who to blame. It's me, I did it. I will accept all your tears."

While the huntress' most powerful defense gets nerfed, other heroes will be getting a boost, in line with the demise of the Sphere Grid system.

The Monk will now have a Flame Aura, which works just like the Lightning Aura. The Lightning Aura itself, on the other hand, will be changed to the Lightning Strikes aura, which previously needs an Uber slot to upgrade.

Same changes will be applied to the Apprentice's Flameburst tower. This will now be replaced by the Flamethrower Tower as the default.

Trendy Entertainment also explained how the new relics system will work. The new update will allow players to equip one relic per defense, and there will be one kind of relic per stat: totems will be for defense health, while medallions for defense power.

Defense range and defense speed upgrades will also make a comeback in "Dungeon Defenders 2" in the form of rings and orb relics, respectively.

You can catch the full livestream below.

There is still no set date for the upcoming "Trials" update, and as Trendy said on the devstream, there are still tons of rebalancing, polishing and fixes to be made before it is made live. The developers will also have much more information about the new "Dungeon Defenders 2" update soon.  

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