Jung Joon-young's Sister Group, GOOD DAY to Debut August 30

By Craig Deleon / 2017.08.16
(https://www.instagram.com/officialc9ent/) Jung Joon-young's Sister Group, GOOD DAY to Debut on August 30

GOOD DAY, the first ten-member girl group of C9 Entertainment which is a Korean Agency of Jung Joon-young, Younha, Juniel, Cheetah, Bae Jin-young and more, is making their debut this coming 30th. 

C9 Entertainment posted GOOD DAY's debut promotion time table on the official SNS the afternoon of 11th. The ten members are Ginnie, Na-Yoon, Bo-Min, Ji-Won, Lucky, Chae-Sol, Cherry, Viva, Ha-Eun, and Hee-jin.

According to the time table, its first mini-album ALL DAY GOOD DAY unveils on 30th 6 pm. Starting on 15th, teaser image, spoiler video, and trailer will be released in sequence until the album opening date. 

In particular, GOOD DAY members are divided into three units, GOOD MORNING, GOOD NIGHT and MIDNIGHT. It is expected that each team will reveal their identity in V Line live broadcast.

The agency said, "As the date of Goodday's debut is approaching, we plan to release a variety of related contents for fans who are going to have more questions about the members and the albums." They continued that GOOD DAY members are working hard to make their debut better and asked for more attention and support. 

GOOD DAY is a 10-member girl group with aspirations to show music and performances that will make a brilliant morning, a relaxing evening and a shining night just like each member who has full of bright and healthy energy all day long. Since its release of all members' profiles, it has been rapidly expanding its fandom.

GOOD DAY, who attracted the attention of fans through the publicity of the reality video featuring the simple and straightforward daily life of the members, became a model of not only of clothing and student uniform brands but also of games and electronic devices. 

In addition, on September 3, the first concert is planned right after their debut, and it is foreseeing a big run. After that, the group will actively perform all sorts of activities such as V LIVE and various fan events and plan to make a soft landing in the music industry.

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