Kim Eun-sook's "Mr. Sunshine" Release Date is Yet Unveiled

By Craig Deleon / 2017.08.08
(SP) Kim Eun-sook's "Mr. Sunshine" Release Date is Yet Unveiled

The broadcasting network and the production agency of "Mr. Sunshine," the next work of drama queen Kim Eun-sook responded to the recent rumor circulating about its release date. 

According to, SBS didn't confirm the premiere date of Mr. Sunshine yet. "It is not true that Mr. Sunshine will release May 2018. It is one of the productions the network is reviewing to air in near future, but it is too early to say when."

The production agency Hwa and Dam Pictures also said, "it hasn't decided yet. I would tell if the specific schedule was discussed, but it is not yet a step to mention. Any reporting about the release date is factless."

Previously, a media reported that "Mr. Sunshine" will be aired on SBS in May 2018, quoting an official.  

Mr. Sunshine is about a little boy who boarded to U.S. military ship during the Shinmiyangyo in 1871 and returned to Korea that abandoned him several years later as U.S. soldier. In the background of the 1900s, it is a human melodrama that is not recorded in history but will release the story of the soldiers we should remember.

It draws great attention already just being next production of screenwriter Kim Eun-sook who made a great hit of The Lonely Shining Goblin and Descended From the Sun as well as Heirs, Secret Garden, A Gentleman's Dignity, The City Hall, Lovers in Paris, and more. It is another reunion with PD Lee Eung-bok who co-work with her for Lonely Shining Goblin and Descended From the Sun. Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-ri, Yoo Yeon-seok, and Byun Yo-han have already confirmed their appearances. 

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