Park Bo-Gum Rejected HwaYu-Gi

By Craig Deleon / 2017.07.22
(screenshot/ Park Bo-Gum Rejected HwaYu-Gi.

What will be the next work of Park Bo-Gum? It is more curious after his great success in his recent two works of "Reply 1988," and "Love in the Moonlight."

Park Bo-Gum was offered to appear in tvN's new drama, "HwaYu-Gi." However, on 21, 2 weeks after the initial offer, he refused the proposal. It gives further delay to see him on screen. 

"HwaYu-Gi" is a romantic fantasy drama that reproduces the ancient Chinese novel, "Journey to the West" in modern theater. It follows the journey of Sun Wukong with a deadly charm of decadence and bourgeois Xuanzang to discover the light in the world in the midst of the darkness in the year 2017.

It was known to be written by Hong sisters. They are well-known drama writer who wrote many hits including Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang, My Girl, Couple or Trouble, Hong Gil-dong, You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox, The Greatest Love, Big, and Master's Sun. 

The proposed role for him was Sun Wukong. In the show, Sun Wukong who became a god for his outstanding magic and martial arts ability was driven to the human world losing his magical power and lived a bystander life. Then he meets Xuanzang who can reinstate his magical power to begin the story. 

The role is very attractive, but as Park Bo-Gum decided not to appear, his next work went back into the fog. 

Park Bo-Gum played "Choi Taek" in tvN's "Reply 1998" in 2016. Then he selected to appear in KBS2's drama "Love in the Moonlight" to play smart and beautiful Crown Prince "Lee Young." These two drama series ranked first in audience ratings gave the actor a modifier of "Bo-Gum Magic."

After Love in the Moonlight, he is careful in selecting his next scenario. Currently, he is focusing on his academics. He is working on his graduation performance, "Hair Spray," as a part of the staff. 

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