Interview with Actress Kim So-hyun of MBC drama "Ruler"

By Craig Deleon / 2017.07.18
(Youtube Screenshot) Interview with Actress Kim So-hyun of MBC drama "Ruler"

Actress Kim So-hyun shared her reflection after six-month of the long filming process. She took the female lead role, Ga-eun who was the love interest of the prince (Yoo Seong-ho) and Lee Sun (L) in the MBC drama "Ruler (Emperor)," which went off the air on July 13. The work gave her a great chance to learn from senior actors, but she couldn't avoid some criticism for the lead character Ga-eun's incompetence. She showed her courage to say out her insufficiency of the performance in the interview. Her appearance was soft but inside was strong. 

The show "Ruler (Emperor)" was like a sore finger to her. She accepted the role because of Ga-eun's subjectivity, but it changed as the story progressed. Her role was a tool to create conflicts in some scenes. She was disappointed looking at Ga-eun losing her favor but didn't want to damage the entire work. 

This drama especially asked tearing scenes more than any other. This drama especially asked tearing scenes more than any other. That made her face swollen up to the point that she didn't want to watch it through the screen. She said, "when I am tired, my body puff up more after eating little. I tried to eat less, but it didn't work. I thought even generous viewers might not want to see that appearance." Her sharp self-analysis continued.

"It was not because of the drama, but it was just troubled time. I felt limited in expressing it, and it was the first time that I was carrying the weight of the historical drama. The length was also new, a twenty-episode drama was hard for me to continue the breathing in the role."

Her mother and other fellow actors are the comforts to her in stress. She shared that she learned a lot from senior actors who were unshaken in an unstable production environment. She mentioned Kim Sun-kyung who appeared together with her in MBC drama, "Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)" and "Missing You (2013)," that she has a bright energy and pleases others and that encouraged her a lot. 

She also talked about Yoo Seung-ho, her co-star. He said to feel Kim So-hyun who is 6 years younger is older than him and was embarrassed the production presentation. She responded that he is that kind of person who is shy and feels embarrassed often. "He is reliable. In the filming site, I felt many relied on him. He is somebody takes the central role in a group."

She picked the scene that Jeon No-min, her father in the story was executed as the most memorable one. "Every scene with him was wonderful. I don't know the reason exactly, but I cried a lot in the scene. It really broke my heart. The feeling lasted for a while even after the shooting," she recalled the moment.  

The Ruler is also the last work of her teenage. She will become twenty in 6 months. She hesitated to answer to a question of things she wanted to do after being twenty. "I want to travel in my twenties," she said. "I think there will be no much difference."

"Seniors shared a lot of travel stories. I heard travel is a chance of changing myself because we can see many different things from different countries. That is how I have thoughts of travel. I wish to visit Europe, especially Spain."

Currently, Kim So-hyun is preparing for High school graduation examination. She is putting everything on her as the day is coming closer. She didn't go to High school but is planning to enroll a college. "College and High school are different. College schedule is more flexible than high school, so I am open for that," she continued. "I wish to major in acting." 

"There is no fantasy in campus life. People around me didn't allow that. (smile) It is still interested in meeting new people. It wouldn't be always easy, but I have a good feeling about it. I wish to grow slowly."

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