Ji Chang-Wook's Reflection to the SBS Drama "Suspicious Partner" [VIDEO]

By Craig Deleon / 2017.07.14
(Wiki.com) Ji Chang-Wook's Reflection to the SBS Drama "Suspicious Partner" [VIDEO]

Ji Chang-wook, the lead character of the "Suspicious Partner," thanked the viewers and informed them of their enlistment.

On July 14, Ji Chang-wook left a thankful note with a smile to the viewers who have loved the "Suspicious Partner"  through his agency Glorious Entertainment's official YouTube channel.

Ji Chang-wook said, "I have a bittersweet feeling after three or four months of filming the show. It was a drama that received a lot of love love, and I am grateful to you for your great interest and love for the lead character Ji-wook.That made me fun and happy to work on actings, so it became very meaningful work. Thank you once again for your love, and I feel so good that I could finish the filming without trouble." He gave a lovely smile that makes everyone happy in the video.

Ji Chang-wook also shared his military enlistment date. "Finally, I will begin my mandatory military service August 14th. I will do my best in the service as it became delayed a lot, and I hope to have you waited until I come back. I promise you to return with good production after the service. I hope you will stay healthy until then."

Ji Chang-wook performed Noh Ji-wook in the SBS drama "Suspicious Partner" ended March 13, and Noh Ji-wook of him was a non-substitute character that can not believe that it was his first Romantic Comedy challenge of his life. The character established another significant image of Romantic Comedy King in the actor successfully. 


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