Actress Yoo In-na Has Revealed a Heartfelt Response to the tvN Drama 'Dokkaebi'

By Bondy Lee / 2017.07.01
(YouTube Screenshot) Actress Yoo In-na Has Revealed a Heartfelt Response to the tvN Drama 'Dokkaebi'

Recently, Yoo In-na, who decorated the cover of Global K-Wave Magazine 'KWAVE M' volume 49, expressed her gratitude to writer Kim Eun-Sook for her work, 'Dokkaebi' selecting it as a turning point. She said, "when I lost my confidence an actress and became passive to myself, Kim Eun-sook came to find me. I felt to be a usable actress by that alone, and I came back to reflect my acting career again." 

"Working on 'Dokkaebi,' I learned the pleasure to make a character alive by analyzing it," she said.

She also talked about her best friend, IU. "She has the power to move me." she said, "IU has the sincerity and persuasiveness to make a person pick up again that gave up before."

"Both of us have similar personalities to encourage each other for our next move, but her cheers to me has a great energy like a hypnosis," expressed their extraordinary friendship. 

This photo shot made in Okinawa, Japan. In the photos that are leaked, Yoo In-na enjoys nature in the background of the refreshing scenery of Okinawa.

Yoo In-na showed off the goddess beauty in silky like a floaty dress and a cardigan on this day. Her charm subdued the peaceful sea and fields of Okinawa by showing a dreamy and beautiful expression. The look of her feeling the cool wind of Okinawa attracts attention.

She is currently reviewing the next work.

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