Actor Kim Soo-hyun Colored Lee Hong-gi's Kiss the Radio With his Charm

By Emily Ko / 2017.06.28
(YouTube Screenshot) Actor Kim Soo-hyun Colored Lee Hong-gi's Kiss the Radio With his Charm

On June 27, Actor Kim Soo-hyun appeared at Lee Hong-gi's Kiss the Radio (Hong-Kira) on KBS Cool FM. 

Kim Soo-hyun has been boasting of his extraordinary friendship with Lee Hong-gi by sending texts to "Hong-Kira," but it is the first time to appear in the show. Kim Soo-hyun said, "I was threatened. I was threatened every day by Lee Hong-gi," and "Every time we talk, he asked me when I would be on his show. I couldn't delay anymore."

Kim Seo-hyun is about to return to the screen as "Real" in four years since "Secretly Greatly" in 2013. Kim Seo-hyun expressed his tension before the screening date is approaching. "Strangely, this film makes me nervous much more than the other works I have done before."

As for the movie "Real," he said, "The film will not be yours if you watch one or two times." He encouraged to repeat watching the file. "You will see the movie coming yours after watching at least six times."

'Real' is a movie of Kim Soo-hyun, by Kim Soo-hyun, for Kim Soo-hyun that is completed by the actor Kim Soo-hyun. 

Kim Soo-hyun, who was one main character of the film, had to go through a huge amount of shooting alone. Kim Soo-hyun said, "I feel that the filming period of 'Real' is longer than any other time. It took about 6 months, and I shot 101 times out of 111 in total. I used to say at the filming site that "Real" never ends. I appear a lot in this film. 

From exposure to action, 'Real' was another challenge for Kim Soo-hyun. Kim Soo-hyun said, "In fact, if all the works were a challenge for me, "Dream High" challenged the dialect, dancing, and singing, I also challenged to be the King of Joseon, the King of Old Korea, and challenged to be aliens. "Real" was another interesting challenge," he said.

Kim Soo-hyun was asked to pick the number one actor in appearance, performance, and voice. "There are so many good people who have good voices, and good looking and acting. I cannot be the winner in any category." He though said that my charm is the balance among all these. "I think I have a good balance." 

Kim Soo-hyun also sang "Another Road" released in 2012 to Lee Hong-gi's request to sing. 

He was known to work hard until he gets what he wants. Kim Soo-hyun said to his fan, "Everyone. Impossible is nothing" to emphasize the power of effort. Lee Hong-gi added, "I saw how he train himself at Bowling. Unlike me giving up quickly when things are not working well, he persistently practices." Kim Soo-hyun said, "I cannot give up in the middle."

But he also revealed his timid personality. Lee Hong-gi exposed that his manager is having a hard time taking care of him because he acts like a child.

Kim Soo-hyun shared personal stories of his dog, his habits at Bowling play, and episodes of his college musical club with audiences. It was full of Kim Soo-hyun hour. 

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