Park Shin-Hye Opens 2017 Asian Tour in Hong Kong

By Emily Ko / 2017.06.13
(YouTube Screenshot) Park Shin-Hye Opens 2017 Asian Tour in Hong Kong

Park Shin-Hye, a lovely actor on the Asian Tour, has successfully finished the 2017 Asian Tour's first start stage in Hong Kong. On June 10th at 8 pm at KITEC in Hong Kong, '2017 Flower of Angel in HONGKONG' has a happy time with passionate Hong Kong fans on stage. Especially, according to Park Shin-Hye that she wants to get closer to the fans and to have an intimate time, she took the direct action without a distinguished MC and electrified Hong Kong fans.

Park Shin-Hye, who made six live performances including Doctor Crush OST 'Sun Shower,' delighted Hong Kong fans. It is the first tour after SBS series 'Doctor Crush,' she shared behind stories over the action shoot and love scenes. At the time of 'Consultation of Dr. Yoo,' she changed into Yoo Hye Jung of the show and answered questions from fans. Park Shin Hye who put on a gown and seriously listened to the fans' concerns, transformed herself into a doctor and wrote prescriptions filled with clear answers.

Park Shin-Hye reproduced the lunch box scene for her fans as well. She prepared a lunch box as if Yoo Hye Jung in the show prepared one for Hong Ji-Hong with full of love for her fans. She made a three-tiered lunch box consisting of rice balls, sandwiches, and fruits.  It was then given to lucky fans selected. A surprise event that was prepared by Park Shin-Hye also gave special moments and fun as fans found hidden gifts. It was a great time to meet beautiful fans like Park Hye-Hye like the show title, 'Flower of Angels."

At the press conference on 9th and another fan meeting on 10th, Hong Kong 's influential media, including ViuTV, Oriental Daily, Mingpao, Wenweipo, Sing Tao Daily and TVB attended and it proved the enthusiasm and interest of the Hong Kong for Park Shin-Hye, who opened the Asia tour.

Park Hye-Hye's Asia tour, which started in Hong Kong, is expected to lead to Taiwan in early July. It is the fourth tour since she began Asian tour first as a Korean Actress in 2013. The tour proceeds are all donated to Food for the Hungry project for children who need education. It is noteworthy that Park Shin-Hye's global pursuit of captivating Asian fans with her continuous transformation in Korean drama series and her unique pleasant life force and loveliness.

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