G-Dragon's New Solo Album to Drop on June 8

By Emily Ko / 2017.06.02
(G-DRAGON / Instagram) G-Dragon's New Solo Album to Drop on June 8

G-Dragon is returning with his solo album in 4 years. The album titled "Kwon Ji-Young" is set to release June 8.

Music fans and officials are already paying attention to the comeback of G-Dragon because he is known to have always played the best music.

The title track of the upcoming album is "BULLSHIT." It is a hip-hop song with a strong feeling like the title. The single cover leaked raises much expectation how strong lyrics and melody G-dragon used in the song. 

He posted the cover page of the book, "On Bullshit," by philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt on his SNS last April, which turns out the spoiler of his own single coming up. 

"GDslowsong" is another slow track in the album. It is not just that G-Dragon has always played a powerful hip-hop sound. He also showed rhythmical and sweetness in "That XX" and "Missing You."

Big Bang sprang to the news of G-dragon at 'BIGBANG SPECIAL EVENT 2017' in Japan Tokyo Dome recently that the upcoming album will be the saddest among all his. 

Yang Hyun-Seok, the top producer in YG Entertainment also complimented the track a lot in his SNS posting the music video clips together. 




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G-dragon in the photo unveiled is boasting mysticism and charisma at the same time. It is in the sadness somewhere in the background of the glow.

He is known to have produced three music videos related to this album, but nothing is known about the third song, "?." Fans are only waiting for the releasing date of June 8. 

The album titled after his name is expected to be the best of him who always insisted on producing the high-quality music. 

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