'Ruler: Master of the Mask': Yoo Seung-Ho became the Head of Peddlers and Meet Kim So-Hyun Again

By Emily Ko / 2017.05.26
(YouTube Screenshot) 'Ruler: Master of the Mask': Yoo Seung-Ho became the Head of Peddlers and Meet Kim So-Hyun Again

In the episodes broadcasted on May 24 of MBC series, "Ruler: Master of the Mask" depicted the crown prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-ho) who lost his father to Dae Mok and commoner Lee Sun (L) who became a puppet King of Dae Mok. 

The King throw himself to protect his son's life. The King's personal guard Lee Byum-woo says to the crown prince that your Highness becomes the king of the nation as King has passed away. He entrusted the prince's life to his son and requested the prince to be great King. 

Chong-woon, the son of Byum-woo and the personal guard of the crown prince, ran away together with the prince. On the run, they decided to be split to throw the chasers off the scent. But during that time, the prince fell off at a cliff and lost his spirit. Hwa-gun who loves the prince fed him a special medicine that stops the breath for a while and brings back and that led Dae Mok to think the prince was already dead. 

Later, Cheong-woon cried out thinking of losing the prince by his mistake, dug out the prince buried by Dae Mok. However, he felt the prince's pulse and brought him to Woo Bo. Woo Bo treated to bring the prince back. 

Commoner Lee Sun became Dae Mok's puppet King. Dae Mok told him, "be the King in a mask. But once you decide to be a real King, you will be killed like the prince."

Queen (Kim Sun-kyung) noticed immediately the prince was fake even if she didn't know his face. But she pretended to now know it. She was upset to Dae Mok who requested the right to print money and declared regency of King Mother. Dae Mok announced a war with her saying that he would show her that how the power of money surpasses the military power. 

Prince Lee Sun went out to kill Dae Mok after waking up by Woo Bo. Woo Bo told him that Dae Mok became a coyote that everyone fears. "You are indifferent from Dae Mok now. People didn't sacrifice for that." The prince changed his mind to delay his revenge to later. 

Jo Tae-ho, a person belong to Dae Mok pushed Ga-eun and lowly people to Chilpae, an empty wild field. She led the people to get there and said, "Let's start businesses here. Chilpae is the only channel to connect Sesomun and Naru. It is the best place to people stop by." 

Lee Sun looking at Ga-eun from afar said he can't forget Ga-eun crying for her father' death. "Her father died because of me. She told me that I made her recall her father. It is for Ga-eun that I don't get closer to her anymore."

Lee Sun became a student of Woo Bo to raise his power to overcome Dae Mok. Woo Bo told him to get the peddlers network that will give him best information and circulation market."

Lee Sun felt sorry looking at a wife of a dead peddler. He suggested using the market fee to use for peddlers' funerals rather than spending all for the drink. He could earn the trust of peddlers through the event. Commoner Lee Sun became an adult while Prince Lee Sun was hidden. The Mother Queen gave up her regency, and the King became the puppet of Dae Mok. 

Ga-eun borrowed money from Yangsu-cheong but now they are demanding full repayment in 15 days. It is Dae Mok's plan to reduce the mother queen's power. Ga-eun decided to meet the head of peddlers who can do anything to earn 'trust.' It turns out, the head was Prince Lee Sun. 

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