‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’ Episode 11-12 Recap: Yoo Seung-ho Begins to Point to a Knife to Pyunsoo Group

By Emily Ko / 2017.05.26

In the episode broadcasted on May 25 of MBC series, "Ruler: Master of the Mask" depicted Dae Mok (Heo Joon-ho) who strives for the right to print money and the prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-ho) who pursues Dae Mok. 

In the first scene, Prince Lee Sun rescues Ga-eun (Kim So-hyun) from Phyunsoo group. They run away on a horse through a mountain path. The mask of Lee Sun is taken off by the wind, and Ga-eun who recognized his face is glad to see him again. However, Lee Sun leaves her pretending that he is another person. 

Prince Lee Sun is grown up to the head of peddlers. He ordered, "Now, let's stop exchanges goods with Sangphyungtongbo (Joseon currency). If the amount is good, use gold or silver. If you follow my word, then the market will still run for a while." Also, He notices copper has been disappeared in the market in past 3 years and wonders the reason. 

Ga-eun goes to Lee Sun and asks, "is it because of my letter? or is it because I didn't keep your promise that you pretend to ignore me?" Lee Sun treating her foot says, "I am not Chun-soo. But tell me if there is anything I can help." Ga-eun who couldn't get sleep faces Lee Sun again at night. "I will follow you to Han-sung."

Prince Lee Sun arrives at the meeting place of business magnates. Hwa-gun (Yoon So-hee) wets her eyes to see Lee Sun again. Prince asks the big merchants to lend money to small retailers. "Don't let them die, but help them to survive." He also suggests providing peddler's network to circulate licorice that has stayed in storage for a long time. 

The business associate accepts his offer to lend money to small market retailers. Ga-eun expresses her appreciation to Lee Sun, but he stays in a cold mood. 

Dae Mok heard the performance of peddlers' head. Dae Mok begins to research about him. 

Ga-eun who enters into the palace recalls the word from the crown prince's mother. At that moment, King with a mask appears. Ga-eun remembers the father's death looking at the King. 

Lee Sun figures out Dae Mok is seeking for the right to print money after consulting to Woo Bo. He then searches a way to secure copper in his hand. He visits Hwa-gun to ask for help. Hwa-gun reveals her identity asking, "Don't you remember my face?"

Prince Lee Sun and Hwa-gun heads out to the Japan town. Lee Sun finds Kim Woo-jae, the son of Dae Mok and the father of Hwa-gun, then says "I need to see their dark inside." Lee Sun breaks into Woo-jae's room. 

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