Ji Chang-wook In 'Suspicious Partner' Protected Nam Ji-hyun From a Stalker

By Emily Ko / 2017.05.26
(YouTube Screenshot) Ji Chang-wook In 'Suspicious Partner' Protected Nam Ji-hyun From a Stalker

In the episode broadcasted on May 17th of SBS drama series, "Suspicious Partner" depicted that Noh Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook) released Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) from the false charge of murdering her ex-boyfriend at her place. Noh Ji-wook had to leave his job for that and began a new life as a defense attorney.

Ji-wook became a lawyer after a bad case, but his straight character, the right conscience, and heart for justice remained same as he was a prosecutor.

At the meeting with a client who didn't admit his inappropriate behavior and wanted to bury the case with money, Ji-wook pointed out what was wrong with him and asked to write a letter of apology.

"Sincere apology and self-reflection should come first. Continuous bullying, illegal confinement, and group assault. The victim just came out from a hospital," he began.

Ji-wook said his client who was a minor and not repenting, "Let's say this time, you are lucky. What happens next? Sooner or later, you will become 18 years old and minors benefit will be over."

To the surprise client, Ji-wook said, "Your mother has always been backed up with money, and she will do same in the future. He will not be able to reflect on what he did wrong once and for all."


"If you do not know what is wrong, you will commit a crime again. One day you hit a big accident that your mother cannot cover, she will send you overseas to study. At there you will get some drugs and play with women who are weaker than you physically or financially and get involved in another violence again. But that's ok your mother will cover up with money again."

"So please live one day longer than your son. Because you will have to clear up all the mess your son makes all your life." He was direct to his clients.

Ji-wook was criticized his rude attitude to his clients by Byun Young-hee (Lee Deok-hwa), the name partner of the law firm laster. However, audiences could enjoy Ji-wook's straight-forward character to fight against injustice.

However, Ji-wook couldn't fully adopt his new life as a lawyer well and isolated from others. He was known as 'a lawyer who doesn't know he is a lawyer but a prosecutor.'

Ji-wook's use of 'Ban-mal (talking down)' to Bong-hee shook female viewers' heart. He first treated her very polite at the first meet in a while. She felt awkward of him doing that so asked why. He strictly said it was because at that time she was working for him. He wanted to stay professional relationship with her.


But on the way to follow the suspicious stalker, Ji-wook concerning Bong-hee said, "Don't come forward for anything. Do you understand?" in a casual way. It was after he told Bong-hee that he couldn't speak casual form unless she belongs to him, so that touched her heart. Later once again, Ji-wook knocked down the stalker threatening Bong-hee with a bat said, "lawyers shouldn't attack their clients."

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