'Spyro the Dragon' PS4 Rumors Likely Hoax or a Big Mistake, but Remaster Still Possible

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15

Speculations about Spyro being next in line for a remaster after Activision's work with “Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy” sparked the gaming community. However, it wouldn't be so hard to think that the image is a hoax after several points of where the sub-standard artwork represents nothing official from either Sony or Activision.

The rumors started exploding after a NeoGAF user posted an image, which happens to be officially from PlayStation Netherlands Facebook page. Interestingly enough, trying to track down where the image originally came from will yield no result as the Facebook page cannot be accessed anymore and this makes the source of all the news a bit sketchy.

The same source was cited at PlayStation Universe, though the links are unfortunately not working anymore. Still, for those who are curious about how the “Spyro the Dragon” news went out, it originated from a post that shows Kratos along with Kat, Sackboy, Crash, Parappa and Spyro itself.

Besides the Facebook page being out of reach anymore, it wouldn't take a lot to tell that the Kat image used for the post is somewhat sub-par for an actual teaser. The same could be said with Parappa, but it was interesting and weird to see an official PlayStation page use a fan-art without due credit like the Crash Smashified image.

The artwork was created by YouTube user Smashified and the video shows how the Crash Bandicoot art was created from scratch. This and the image was not based from any Activision or Sony property at all.

If the image was a mistake on PlayStation Netherlands' part, it could have been a teaser for a different game and PlayStation All-Stars sequel comes to mind. However, since the deletion or deactivation of the page, there would never be any confirmation any time soon, though ruling out a PlayStation 4 Spyro game is still out of the question. It first happened with “Crash Bandicoot” and Spyro might not be an exception.

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