'Hitman' Rumors Suggest Season 2 Will be Released with IO Interactive Retaining Rights

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15
(YouTube Screenshot) 'Hitman' Rumors Suggest Season 2 Will be Released with IO Interactive Retaining Rights

After the news about Square-Enix, putting IO Interactive, the studio behind the massive franchise “Hitman,” on sale, rumors about the franchise itself going away along with the supposedly second season of the 2016 title sparked. Fortunately, there are some rumors about IO Interactive keeping the rights, hence the continued progress of season 2.

When Square-Enix dropped the news, fans of “Hitman” thought that the franchise, especially the second season for the most recently released game, was put in jeopardy. The second season, supposedly already underway its development, might be held off for an indefinite amount of time depending on who will take up Square-Enix's offer and worst case scenario, the entire thing might be canceled off for good.

However, according to a recent report from PCGamesN (via German site Gamestar.de), the rights to the “Hitman” franchise will be staying with IO Interactive. It may be a bit surprising, especially the fact that Square-Enix is believed to be the one who should have the rights to the game after making IO Interactive its subsidiary.

Rumors, according to the site's “sources” states that IO Interactive is already looking for a new company to invest in the franchise. In fact, it is also stated that the second season for the 2016 “Hitman” reboot game is already 50 percent complete.

However, this information is still to be treated as something not entirely plausible. The arrangement may seem too good to be true and often times, it is. Despite being a very reputable site, there's still a chance that Gamestar might be missing out on some highly accurate information, though it is further stated that IO Interactive will be formally making its own announcement next week.

Unfortunately, nobody would be able to get any direct answer from Square-Enix regarding the matter as it already made a statement about not giving out any further comment than the last statement it made. Still, it wouldn't exactly be the end of the world for “Hitman” whether it ends up with Square-Enix as a new studio might simply pickup the project, though when that will happen, is still going to be highly tentative.

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