Did ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ Star Lee Sung Kyung Humiliate Jo Hye Jung in Social Media?

By Riezel O. / 2017.05.15

Actress Lee Sung Kyung was recently involved in a social media controversy with “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” co-star Jo Hye Jung.

The controversy arise after the cast of the MBC drama did a commentary broadcast through Instagram Live last March 24. During the broadcast, Jo, who played the role of Kim Bok Joo’s (Lee) friend Jung Nan Hee, turned on her Instagram live to talk with her fans.

Consequently, Lee then turned on her Instagram live, which led fans to believe that she deliberately do it to humiliate Jo. Inevitably, her Instagram live broadcast drew more viewers as she has more followers than her co-star.

Netizens also noted that during the live broadcasts, they heard someone saying, “You should just turn yours off,” and, “Don’t look so down,” and believed that Lee had said those words, Naver TV reported. But just recently, Lee issued a statement on her official fancafe to give light to the situation.

On May 15, both actresses have expressed their surprised and confused reaction about the incident which became a controversy. Lee said, “[Jo Hye Jung and I] are like Bok Joo and Nan Hee in that we have many memories together and care for each other very much. Those who watched the drama will know but how could anyone like someone as lovable as Nan Hee want to hurt her feelings?”

The actress goes on saying that unlike Jo, she is not used in doing Instagram live broadcast stressing that her decision to turn on Instagram live was influenced by the actress after seeing her having such a good time. Lee also revealed that she had no idea that by turning on her Instagram live, people would think she was doing to it embarrass Jo.

Lee also revealed as reported by Soompi that she had apologized to Jo, just in case she had been offended by her comments. She then wrapped up her statement saying, “I will act more responsibly and thoughtfully from now on… I am someone who is still very lacking in many ways. I will reflect on my actions and return after I have made improvements. Thank you to everyone who pointed this out to me.”

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