‘iZombie’ Season 3 Spoilers: Major Continues to Work at Fillmore Graves

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.05.15

In the previous episode of “iZombie” Season 3, Blaine (David Anders) revealed to Peyton (Aly Michalka) that he has been faking his memory loss. Major (Robert Buckley) took the cure unharmed and without side effect however, he will be continuing living as a zombie, says executive producer Rob Thomas.

One of the reasons why it took long time for Major to take the cure despite the fact that he is a dying zombie was because of the side effect of the cure which is amnesia. This was concluded by Ravi and the rest of his friends as Blaine confessed he cannot remember anything. But it turned out he was just faking his memory loss in order to keep his relationship with Peyton.

“You’ve made a fool of me,” Peyton angrily said, referring to the idea that her friends could be human for months but did not take the cure because Blaine was playing to be amnesiac.

It was a good news for Major who took the cure and did not forget any memories but Rob Thomas revealed that Liv’s ex-lover will be still living as if he is still in Team Z. The executive producer told that it was the most interesting and favorite stories fans should look forward in the next episodes.

“Major has found a home at Fillmore Graves, and these are his people now. These are the people who don’t care that he was accused of being the Chaos Killer. He wants to keep working there, despite being a human, and he’s going to see how long he can get away with it. And eventually, he may not get away with it. That’s a fun storyline for the back half,” Thomas added.

While the serum was confirmed to make zombies human again, Liv ( Rose McIver) did not have any chance to try it as it was stolen by Blaine out from Ravi. The next episodes are expected to be more exciting as zombies will be given a dilemma whether they want to come back as humans or not, if the cure will be available again.

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