What to Expect from Kira Manning in ‘Orphan Black’ Season 5

By Diana T. / 2017.05.15

Kira can be considered a riddle waiting to be solved. In fact, “Orphan Black” has yet to reveal the true identity of this little Manning who is expected to play a crucial role in the fifth and final season of the fiction thriller.

Kira, the daughter of Sarah Manning and Cal Morrison, first appeared in the opening season of the show under the care of Mrs. S. Her character was described “special” because of her ability to foretell the future.

At some point in “Orphan Black” Season 1, the young Manning predicted something bad will happen before the arrest of her mom. Not only that, Kira was previously hit by a car without a trace of injury or whatnot.

Skyler Wexler’s character even knows what the clone sisters are feeling without the need to communicate. Oftentimes, Kira would space out and see visions of what will happen to Sarah and her clone sisters.

The previous seasons of “Orphan Black” confirmed that Kira is no ordinary child. It was also discovered that something is different about her genes. The show, however, did not explain her psychological connection with the clone sisters.

This question is expected to be answered in the upcoming “Orphan Black” Season 5 where Kira will be joining Sarah, Helena, Cosima, and Alison in taking down Rachel and the neolutionists.

“The walls close in on Sarah when nearly all her sestras and their allies are brought to heel by Rachel. Even more harrowing is that her daughter Kira has joined them in surrender,” BBC America hinted as per TV Line.

The final run of “Orphan Black” is also expected to answer a few more questions on why the neolution abducted Deplhine in the previous season as well as the end result of Rachel’s fight against her clone sisters.

Viewers are also waiting to see the comeback of certain characters, including Krystal, Tony, Mika, Mark, and Gracie, in the newest installment. All these and more in “Orphan Black” Season 5 starting June 10 at 10 pm (ET) on BBC America.

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