‘One Punch Man’ Season 2: Blast’s True Identity to be Revealed?

By Maolen E. / 2017.05.15
(Viz Media) One Punch Man is about a bald hero who can easily defeat villains with just a single punch.

“One Punch Man” fans are patiently waiting for Blast’s true identity to be revealed – but has the mystery been solved?

In late March, it was revealed that production is already underway for “One Punch Man” Season 2. Since then, several rumors have been making rounds regarding the possible identity of the highest ranked hero in the Hero Association, Blast.

Not much is known about Blast, other than the fact that he has a spiky black hair and wears a superhero suit with a cape like Saitama's (voiced by Makoto Furukawa). However, the former’s suit has a fiery contour around the zipper.

Now, “One Punch Man” has offered a clue about the identity of Blast. In the 106th chapter of the popular webcomic, it was revealed that Blast saved Tatsumaki (voiced by Aoi Yuki) from a monster 18 years ago. He also has a tendency of not showing up to the Hero Association meetings, stating that he considers his job as a hero more like a hobby.

That being said, many believed Blast is the alternate-reality version of Saitama. However, another fan-made theory suggest that Blast could be a family member of Saitama – like an older brother, cousin or his father.

Besides Blast, the next season of “One Punch Man” Season 2 is expected to cover the Human Monster Saga. The said arc will highlight Saitama’s encounter with Garou, the former disciple of Silver Fang (voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji).

Garou, also known as the Human Monster, was Silver Fang's best disciple, but was forced to leave the dojo after disabling many of the students, including Sour Face. Since then, Garou has started his own personal training and turned out to be incredibly powerful, equipped with a powerful range of abilities and physical attributes. He is now stronger than many A-Class and S-Class Heroes.

“One Punch Man” Season 2 is expected to premiere sometime in mid-2017.

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