Why ‘Scream Queens’ will Most Likely be Cancelled

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.05.15

Avid “Scream Queens” fans are continuously waiting for a confirmation of Season 3. However, it looks like Fox won’t be renewing the show due to several reasons.

In a latest report released by USA Today, program executives have already decided on which shows will get either a cancellation or renewal signal. Their decisions were reported to be affected by ratings trend, profitability, creative momentum, and the network’s ownership stake.

The media outlet also listed shows base on categories – already renewed or most likely to return, on-the-bubble shows and in need of audiences’ vote and the shows which are on the death’s door or already cancelled.

“Scream Queens” along with “Pitch,” “Rosewood,” “APB,” “Bones,” “Son of Zorn,” and “Making History” were listed as shows canceled or nearly dead for Fox network.

It was also noted by other several news outlets that the Fox comedy horror series only got a second season due to the soft ratings for DVR and on-demand viewing but since the sophomore season did not achieve massive ratings results, it would be most likely to be cancelled.

Moreover, lead actress Emma Roberts who portrayed the role of Chanel Oberlin revealed on her latest interview that she had to get rid of anything about her previous character as she set to try out on a new project. She also reportedly hinted that the series won’t be coming back through her words.

“When I wrapped “Scream Queens” I had to get rid of the blonde hair because [my character] Chanel was spilling over and I had to get rid of her, even though I miss her sometimes,” the actress said. “When you change a role and you change your hair, you finally feel like it’s been put to bed.”

“Scream Queens” is a comedy horror drama series created by Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy and Bard Falchuk. During the first season of the show, it focuses on Kappa Kappa Tau sorority n Wallace University while the second season focuses on events happening in the hospital after Dean Cathy Musch (Jamie Lee Curtis) left university business.

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