'Chicago Typewriter' Episode 10: Yoo Ah-In and Im Soo-Jung Realized Their Past Life

By Emily Ko / 2017.05.14

Jeon Seol (Im Soo-Jung) and Se-Joo (Yoo Ah-in) learned their relationship in the past life in the episode broadcasted on Saturday, May 13th of tvN series 'Chicago typewriter.' 

Se-Joo first learned about himself in the past life. Then he met Jeon Seol and asked, "Do you remember me? We have met before a very long time ago..." He told her that they met 80 years ago. "We were together in Kyungsung."

He said that your name was Ryu Soo-Hyun and my name was Seo Hwi-Young. "You were a sniper and a fighter who was strong, splendid and passionate to fight for your country."

Jeon Seol didn't believe him saying, "You are writing a story now, aren't you?" He said, "So far I didn't want you to remember your past life, but now anymore. Whoever you killed in your previous life, that was for the country."

She still didn't believe him that, "I didn't know you can comfort other people...Your word was a great novel-like phrase." However, Se-Joo said, "You can think whatever you want to for now. Just remember one thing. It 's no coincidence that you and I have met. There must be a reason."

Eventually, Jeon Sol also remembered her past life and learned the previous relationship with Se-Joo. She remembered Shin Yool (Go Kyung-Pyo) and the ghost of Jin-ho, who loved her, looked at her with an ardent stare.

In the meantime, Seol's biological mother (Jeon Mi-sun) came to visit her house. "Your mother is sorry," she said. To Seol asked her the reason to visit she replied, "Are you still seeing your past life?"

"Is there anything more you could remember afterward? I came to tell you the real reason why I left you," she continued. "I also have a memory of my past life." Jeon Sol was astonished by her mom talking about the previous life. Then she advised that she should not get associated with Se-Joo.

At the last scene of the episode, Jeon Seol remembered that she pull the trigger to Se-Joo. She then bursts her tears that draw the curiosity of viewers to next episode. 

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