Why Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Movie Won’t be Released Sooner

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.05.15
(YouTube Screenshot) Why Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Movie Won’t be Released Sooner

Channing Tatum has been confirmed to lead the “Gambit” movie since 2014. However, the film has not been released or even at the stage of filming. From the looks of it, will the movie still push through?

Executive producer and writer of the film, Simon Kinberg, reportedly addressed the delays of the movie and said that they wanted to rest assure that the film will get the special and unique tone of the “X-Men” spinoff before releasing it as a movie.

“I hope that “Gambit” doesn’t take 10 years, but it takes a little honing to get that tone and that voice exactly right. The character has such a specific voice in the comic in the same way that “Deadpool” has a specific voice in the comic, that we want to make sure that we capture that voice on the page. Really it’s just about getting a screenplay that is worthy of that character, and I think we’re really close right now.”

Some are noting how the road to “Gambit” movie is bumpy specially that the director Rupert Wyatt left the position as he was reportedly be doing another project. He revealed in a statement that he was looking forward to work with his friend Tatum and the Fox team but as the film gets another start date, he needs to leave for another upcoming project. He also thanked everyone for the opportunity and assured fans “Gambit” movie will be terrific.

In addition, Doug Liman, who was tapped to direct the film also left the position as he reportedly cannot find any personal connection with the movie.

Despite these issues, Channing Tatum is still confirmed to be the lead and the movie will still be pushed through. For now, “Gambit” is still unscheduled with no specific director, but the cast and production will reportedly start making progress by 2018.

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