'Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age' New Trailer: A Nostalgic Walk Through the Streets of Rabanastre

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.05.14

Square Enix has recently released some of the sample tracks for upcoming "Final Fantasy" remaster, "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age."

The first track is a remastered version of "Final Fantasy XII"'s iconic Royal Capital Rabanastre - City Upper Ground background theme. The Royal City of Rabanastre is the hometown of "Final Fantasy XII"'s male protagonist, Vaan, and serves as the main city in the game.

Here is the remastered version of the background theme:

And here is the original soundtrack from "Final Fantasy XII":

The second track is also an iconic theme for "Final Fantasy XII," the theme of one of the game's most frequented areas, the Dalmasca Estersand, a vast desert in Ivalice.

Here is the remastered version from "Zodiac Age."

And here is the original version:

This place serves as the location for many hunts in the game, as well as three dungeon passages, Nalbina Fortress, Barheim Passage and the Mosphoran Highwaste. It is also the very first area after leaving Rabanastre. Hearing these two soundtracks will definitely take "Final Fantasy XII" fans back.

The "Final Fantasy XII" Soundtracks, both the original and the "Zodiac Age" version, were composed by popular Japanese video game composer and arranger Hitoshi Sakimoto. Sakimoto is also the composer for "Final Fantasy Tactics" (with Masaharu Iwata) as well as other popular video games such as "Vagrant Story," "Odin Sphere Leifthrasir" (with Basiscape) and more.

The "Final Fantasy XII: Original Soundtrack" contains the game's remastered themes in high definition in Blu-ray form. It will also include MP3 versions of the entire soundtrack, according to RPG Fan. The soundtrack will be released in Japan on Jul. 19.

"Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age" will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on Jul. 11 in North America and Jul. 13 in Japan. This game is, in our opinion, an underrated gem, so make sure to grab it when it's out.

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