'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Not Entering eSports Soon; How to Get Good at It Early On

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15
(YouTube Screenshot) 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Not Entering eSports Soon; How to Get Good at It Early On

“PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” is a bit complex of a game, especially the fact that it is a mixture of two entirely different genres; survival sandbox simulation and highly competitive shooter. The combination of the two elements is almost too tricky that players end up dead in mere seconds after spawning, but here are some useful tips on how to live longer and play better.

Surprisingly, even if the game's still in its early access stages, “Battlegrounds” already has a complex gameplay mechanics that requires players to be very attentive of. One of the tips stated on the video is the location of where the players are advised to drop off before from the plane. This includes the initial shore and the other end of the island, which provides leverage for players in order to estimate enemy locations. The guide also tackles on a neat trick of repeatedly pressing “W” on the keyboard in order to cover larger distances while free-falling instead of holding the key.

Another useful trick for “Battlegrounds” is by simply opening the inventory menu when in front of several lootable items. Oddly enough, this allows players to pickup the items within the menu via dragging them to the right side or by pressing the right mouse button. Normally picking up items via the F button prompt outside the inventory menu requires the player to render individual crouch animations per pickup, which could prove as a disadvantage, especially when in a hurry or being pursued.

One of the more important tips outlined in the video is the way, an iron sight could be improved. Holding down the assigned button can be used to toggle the iron sight, but holding the shift key would exponentially improve this a bit, but it will also decrease the shakiness of the hands by holding the player's breath. This is a very useful technique, especially when hunting down distant targets without wasting too many bullets and ending up giving your location once the shots miss.

Be sure to watch the entire thing above in order to learn more about “PlayerUnknown's Battleground.” The tips are surely going to be essential down the game's development road and this will also help beginners get the grasp of the game without dying too much and stuck within an unfair advantage.

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