Google Allo Introduces Selfie-Produced Emoji's, but are there Better Alternatives?

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15

Google recently introduced Allo, an emoji feature that bases its look on the user's selfie. However, the coolness factor might be a bit short-lived, though anybody is yet to see how well it will be implemented and blend to the norm.

Google Allo, as recently posted by Google at its official blog, is a “smart” messaging app currently exclusive for Android users. One of its most noticeable features is its ability to transform the users' selfies into selfie stickers that represent the popular emoji features.

While it could certainly wow people with its seemingly new technology, lifehacker reveals that it isn't exactly the first to do it and also not the best one at doing it. An app called Bitmoji technically does the same thing, though, with Google Allo, the creation of the selfie sticker is almost seamless. Bitmoji requires the users to create their own cartoonified persona, though the freedom to do so might require a bit of work, especially for beginners.

Google Allo's neural networks technique allows the app to easily determine the shape, color or texture of the selfie, producing a possible accurate representation of the user. Compared with earlier apps that do the same avatar-production feature, Google Allo would appear to be ahead and advanced in all manners.

However, one limitation, the app has is that sharing the selfie stickers aren't as easy, especially when put side by side with the Bitstrips spin-off app, Bitmoji or even with less-featured apps in terms of sticker customization such as WhatsApp or the simpler iMessage. Google Allo emoji stickers are also exclusive within its own user-base only, which means not a lot of people can get to see the feature, unless they switch over to Google's new messaging app.

Google Allo was originally released back in 2016, though it was a tough competition, especially IM giants including Facebook, Skype and even some lesser-known startups already have the advantage of being around for longer. Still, Google would greatly give its own messaging app if the sharing function is broadened, letting other prospective users see what it has to offer.

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