'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Anime Episode 26 Recap: Sophocles Moving Out?

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.05.13

In this week's episode of "Pokémon Sun and Moon," Sophocles says goodbye to his classmates and friends in Pokémon School. A hilarious twist, however, surprises everyone, including Sophocles himself.

The episode opens with Sophocles working on a program in his home with his Pokémon Togedemaru. Sophocles' parents talks to him about moving to a place far away, which made Sophocles worry about leaving his friends and his school behind.

Sophocles explains the situation to Togedemaru, showing him a simulation of Togedemaru and Pikachu being separated. Realizing the severity of the situation, both Togedemaru and Sophocles cry over their predicament.

The next day at Pokémon School, Sophocles is distracted with the move, and is figuring out how to tell his friends about it. Togedemaru is equally devastated, and rushed over to hug Pikachu during an outdoor class activity.

Sophocles then summons his courage to tell his friends that he is moving away. Mallow immediately suggests a farewell party in Sophocles' honor over at her family's restaurant, to which everyone agreed. Later on, Kiawe takes Sophocles on a ride on his Charizard over to his secret place.

That night, Sophocles then learned that they were not moving far away after all. His parents told him that there will be some work done on their house's roof. They were not able to rent the house next door, so they will settle on the third house from theirs.

Sophocles was embarassed over the whole misunderstanding, and was afraid that his friends will be mad at him for lying. While he was figuring out how to tell his friends, Lana takes him on a ride on her Lapras to show him her secret spot before he leaves, spotting a Wailord together before sunset.

Meanwhile, Ash tries to think of a farewell present for Sophocles. Rotom suggests a Pokémon which emits electricity, and Ash sets off to find a Charjabug for Sophocles.

The day of the party comes, and the whole group is present, even Kiawe's sister, Hoshi, was there to help. Ash arrives late to the party with Charjabug in tow, and told Sophocles to capture it. Sophocles successfully captures Charjabug after a short Pokémon battle with Togedemaru.

Sophocles finally comes clean and tells the group the truth. To Sophocles' relief, his friends did not get mad at him, and were relieved that he is not going away.

Sophocles explains to Togedemaru that they will no longer be moving away from Pikachu, making Togedemaru extremely happy and literally shocked everyone in the group.

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