'Criminal Minds' Season 13: Who Will Die and Who Will Survive?

By Kaye Chang / 2017.07.03
(Criminal Minds Facebook Page) 'Criminal Minds' Season 13: Who Will Die and Who Will Survive?

With still months away from its return to CBS, "Criminal MindsSeason 13 is leaving viewers on the edge of their seats after the events last season finale. Will there be another character up to die and leave the show?

Recent rumors about "Criminal MindsSeason 13 are speculating about the fates of the members of the BAU after last season finale. While tracking down Mr. Scratch, Prentiss, JJ, Walker, Lewis, Rossi, and Alvarez crashed onto an 18-wheeler. Who will survive and who will leave us?

This very same cliffhanger was first seen in Season 3. During her interview with TV Guide, Erica Messer stated that they did this cliffhanger since it's unexpected and frightening.

Although Mr. Scratch's arc is bound to end soon, the CBS-showrunner is keen to keep him until the next season.

Even if everyone was guessing about who will die and who will survive, Messer also admitted that she doesn't have any idea on how "Criminal MindsSeason 13 will go. She also mentioned that the writing of the script and the story for the upcoming season will start on June 5 but she's keeping her fingers crossed that everyone will eventually survive.

During her interview with Entertainment Weekly, Messer also explained that the reason Shemar Moore was short in "Criminal MindsSeason 12 is for his appearance to serve a dual purpose. We will be expecting more of Moore in the next season as he helped wrap things up in the Spencer Reid arc last season.

Although there are a lot of us who were disappointed that Morgan did not share any scenes with Reid, Messer also explained that they both had their moment before Moore left in "Criminal MindsSeason 11.

Who do you think will survive after the crash? Who will die and leave us all in "Criminal MindsSeason 13?

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