'Pokémon' Movie Update: 'Shocking' Marshadow Info to be Revealed in June

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.05.15

New information about the Mythical Pokémon Marshadow will be revealed next month.

"Shocking" Marshadow Reveal?

Very few information has been released about the mythical fighting/ghost type Pokémon since it was officially revealed in April. However, Japanese publication CoroCoro magazine promised a "shocking" revelation about Marshadow on its June issue, according to Serebii.net.

This promise was shown on the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine, which ran a feature about the upcoming "Pokémon" movie, which is officially titled "Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!".

Marshadow's Z-Move to be Officially Revealed?

As for speculations about what this "shocking" information could be, Serebii.net speculated that more information about Marshadow's signature Z-Move will be uncovered. The only information available about Marshadow's Z-Move was obtained by data miners, and is said to be called "Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike."

Marshadow in "Pokémon Sun and Moon"

We do have another theory about this "shocking" information, however. We are guessing that The Pokémon Company is finally gearing up for Marshadow to be actually in the "Pokémon Sun and Moon" game, after weeks of teasing.

It only makes sense for Marshadow to be released to coincide with the movie, and this has been done numerous times in the past, just like when Magearna's QR code was distributed to players who watched "Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel" in Japan.

This is only our speculation, however, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Apart from the promise of "shocking" information, the special feature showcased some of the characters that will be on the upcoming movie, including Ash's new companions Makoto and Souji, who will be voiced by Shiori Sato and Kanata Hongo, respectively. The CoroCoro visual also included their respective Pokémon companions, Lucario, Piplup, Pikachu and Marshadow.

"Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!" will be shown in Japan on July 15, 2017. A US release date is yet to be announced.

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