'Clash of Clans' Update: Captain's Log Day 3 Teases Harder with Even More Trivial Clues

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15

After the first two teasers about what seems to be an upcoming update for “Clash of Clans,” Captain's Log Day 3 make even less sense, pushing fans to question the marketing behind the sub-one-minute videos. Here's what fans have interpreted the abyssal teasers from when Supercell started whirling out the update hints.

The first teaser barely made any sense, though several fans and communities came up with several speculations. The teaser shows the Hog Rider, who has been traveling by boat and seems to be looking to reach another shore. If this is a tease about the Hog Rider's new role as somebody else, it would make more sense, though one of the biggest speculations states that Supercell might be cooking up something that will allow players to move from Base to Base without switching accounts.

The second teaser simply showed Hog Rider, who happens to be thinking about new friends. As usual, redditors are always speculating and the theories varies wildly. At this point, not everybody is coming into an agreement as to what the second teaser meant, which is already being dismissed as a joke.

Finally, there's the latest Captain's Log: Day 3 teaser. This time around, the whole premise revolves around Hog Rider, who thinks that he might be losing his mind gradually. Supercell might be soon drawing the last straw of the fans frustrations with almost surface-less teasers. Redditors, who are usually active in speculating are ending up getting frustrated instead with the lack of sense, the last teaser offers for what seems to be the next “Clash of Clans” update.

Some fans also speculate that it could be an entirely new game mechanic and one redditor mentions about something similar to farming. Day 1 mentioned about being a gardener and Day 2 mentioned eating snacks at bases. This isn't any form of a strong update prediction, but Supercell is leaving fans will pretty much zero clue of what it will about, hence the wild guesses.

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