How is 'Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition' Any Different?

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15

“Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” just recently came out and though it may seem overrated given the game's long-standing presence, the reason to get it once more despite having it on several platforms may justify the perks it provides.

Yesterday, “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” finally embraced Nintendo's hybrid console. Like several ports it went through, the main mechanic of world building and survival simulation is still there. However, the Nintendo Switch version of the game might sit in between the original and superior PC version and the mobile ones.

For starters, “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” runs at a full 60 fps and 1080p resolution and provides even more draw distance and graphical fidelity when in docked mode. The draw distance is highly increased, though it may still leave some wanting a bit more, especially those who are used with the almost limitless features of the PC version.

However, in terms of original core features, “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” might be the first proper portable version of the game since it retains almost every element, the original game has. As quoted by Attack of The Fanboy, the PlayStation VITA version shipped with the full edition, though it does struggle on several points of the game. The Nintendo Switch, thanks to its flexible hybrid mode, fully realizes this wasted potential.

One of the bigger shortcoming of “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” is the world size. For those who like to maximize the utilization of the map size may find this game's offering a bit underwhelming when placed with its bigger counterparts with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports. However, it is big enough for most players as it could take a few minutes to roam around the entire map despite flying around in creative mode.

On the better side of things, “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” offers a substantial amount of exclusive content like Super Mario-themed skins and dozens of other additional themes. The game also has a local multiplayer mode, which can be up to four players, though this would only be available on TV or tabletop mode. There are also other mini-games like Battle, Tumble and Glide modes.

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