Nvidia Not to Let AMD Steal the Throne with Tesla V100 Volta GPU and the Future GeForce Cards

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15

Nvidia just recently revealed the most powerful graphical processing unit yet, which is way beyond any high-grade GPU brands can offer in the form of the newest Volta-based architecture GPU called V100. However, it may not make as much noise yet in the gaming scene, though it is interesting what the future holds for team green.

As reported by Ars Technica, Nvidia is finally pushing the brand to counter AMD's aggression towards providing high-performance GPUs in the market, specifically with the upcoming AMD Radeon RX Vega. The Tesla V100 Volta GPU is expected to be more than just for consumer use though.

The V100 is literally a huge GPU, which effectively dwarfs the previous P100 with its 21.1 billion transistors with an 815mm² die. The P100, in comparison only has 15.3 billion transistors, while the hulking consumer card Titan XP Sports had 12.

However, even after the exciting fact that it could dish out 15 TFLOPS of performance and up to 120 TFLOPS with dedicated tensor operations, it might not be for consumer use just yet. As stated at PC World's recent post, the V100, similar to the P100 that came before it, is specifically designed for data center use. Still, consumers can place their bets on Nvidia, which might just bring a significant portion of the V100's performance into later GeForce releases.

While gaming might not be the focus of Nvidia's Volta V100 GPU, the idea that it surfaced in perfect timing with AMD Vega's appearance can't easily be shrugged off. AMD's upcoming consumer-centric Vega might be out of the Nvidia V100's league, though it should be noted that the Vega is already getting its initial traction over Nvidia's GTX 10-series, with more affordable prices and hopefully, on par performance.

No clues point to a consumer-grade Volta GPU from Nvidia yet, but the stage must still be in the process of being set, which could give way for AMD's upcoming GPU. Despite getting a bit of an advantage by targeting the broader audience, Nvidia already got a headstart in the race with several products, which could be enough leeway for the company.

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