'Hitman' Season 2 Isn't Exactly Doomed, But Developer OR Publisher Might Delay it Until Further Notice

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15

“Hitman” and its second season is put in jeopardy along with several IO Interactive franchises after Square-Enix severed its connection to the developers. Fans of the bald-crusader might need to wait for even longer before season 2 or anything “Hitman” related to come out.

According to a recent report from The Verge, “Hitman” games might need to take an indefinitely long break from the gaming scene after Square-Enix withdraws its investment with IO Interactive, whose biggest work happens to be agent .47 and his tales of assassination. To be precise, the development firm will be suffering a staggering amount of $43 million loss.

While hope isn't exactly gone after IO Interactive's recent tweet about “going back to making games,” several reports also suggest that Square-Enix is currently working out some deals with potential investors to resume the studio's operation, though “Hitman” season 2 might be currently out of the big picture for now.

Several communities once brooding over the idea of the experimental episodic experience of “Hitman,” which was divided into seven DLC episodes. This was a first for the franchise after the earlier “Absolution,” which was already under Square-Enix's wing. To some, it greatly affected the game's sales figures due to being overshadowed by other major titles that released along with it, leading “Hitman” to become overshadowed by full retail games. This could well be the reason behind the huge miss to the usually well-received entry in the franchise.

There's no telling whether there will be a second season for “Hitman” at all, though it might be up to Square-Enix to release an entirely new entry, alas it might take longer than expected. Unfortunately, the same thing is happening with the “Deus Ex” series, where “Mankind Divided” and its underwhelming sales brought a halt to the supposed sequel's development.

Still, hope isn't exactly lost for “Hitman” and the rest of the IO Interactive titles as another acquisition might take places a few months from now. It should be noted that, like how Rockstar Games see “Red Dead Redemption” as a “permanent franchise,” Square-Enix isn't just the kind of major publisher that would allow a franchise like “Hitman” die out.

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