'Berserk' Season 2: Guts and His Crew Face Punishment as an Old Acquaintance Returns

By Kaye Chang / 2017.05.13

Even if Schierke, the young witch, was able to cast a protection spell successfully against the horde of trolls, Guts and his crew might still face a more challenging rival in the next episode of "Berserk" Season 2.

Before the previous episode ended, Guts and his troupes were taking shelter in Enoch Village to help Schierke in her mission in protecting the whole village against the trolls which were spreading blood and fear all over the Enoch Village.

Although the villagers are reluctant to trust their lives with the peculiar looking strangers, after displaying their magic, brute strength, and selflessness, the villagers will begin to join the fight in the end.

Now that Schierke used a protection spell that surrounds the church against the trolls, the people of Enoch Village will look up on Guts and his crew in a more respectful way.

However, Guts and his whole crew are also in trouble. After the Reverend's warning, they will find themselves in a punishment for aligning themselves with Schierke the witch and for using magic to fight off the horde of trolls.

The next episode of "Berserk" Season 2, as shown in the preview, hinted an old acquaintance to make an appearance. The next episode of "Berserk" Season 2 entitled "Secret Prayer" will showcase the return of an old acquaintance.

However, this old acquaintance can either be an ally or a foe. This newly arrived character might also answer the mystery as to why the horde of trolls are attacking the Enoch Village.

Meanwhile, there are viewers complaining about the animation of "Berserk" Season 2 while the fans of the manga are eager to see more of the memorable scenes animated from the manga to the screen.

"Berserk" Season 2 Episode 7 will air on Friday, May 22 on WOWOW and can also be streamed only via Crunchyroll.

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