'Need for Speed 2017' Needs More than Offline Single Player to Actually Bounce Back

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.05.15

Ghost Games is looking to bounce back from the disaster that was the 2015 "Need for Speed" title, but it will take more than a few new features to make this franchise float again.

"Need for Speed" 2017 Gets Offline Single Player Campaign

It is of no surprise that the "Need for Speed" franchise has been pumping out one game after another since 1994, with over ten different development studios making their own "Need for Speed" titles, including the mobile games.

Set to be a "full reboot" to revitalize the "Need for Speed" series, Ghost Games' "Need for Speed" 2015 was met with mixed reviews from critics, with scores hovering just around the 60+ mark on Metacritic. Because of this, the developers need a lot more effort to make the next "Need for Speed" even better.

Recently, Ghost Games offered an update about the new "Need for Speed", announcing that the new game will be out by the end of 2017. More details about the game will be revealed at this year's EA Play conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

The main drawback of the game, according to reviews, was its always online requirement. In a post titled "Need for Speed 2017: Paying it Back," Ghost Games acknowledges this, stating that the campaign will be fully playable offline.

"So, when release day rolls around for the next Need for Speed, you will be able to play through a single player experience completely offline," Ghost Games confirmed on the "Need for Speed" website. "Before you ask, and we know you will, this does mean you will be able to pause the game."

"Need for Speed" 2017 Needs More than Offline Single Player to Revitalize Series

While the biggest setback is being remedied, there are still a lot of work to be done for "Need for Speed" to actually bounce back from the lackluster response to "Need for Speed 2015."

Ghost Games should, first and foremost, focus on "Need for Speed" 2017's story, as the previous title's missions tend to become repetitive and boring, and the main campaign mode is said to be too short.

Removing the always online restriction and adding in the functionality to pause the game, which should have been there in the first place, is a step in the right direction for Ghost Games. 

"Need for Speed" fans, however, are anticipating a racing game with more substance this time around, and hopefully "Need for Speed" 2017 delivers on that promise.

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