It is Not the End of the Line for 'PAYDAY 2' Just Yet; Ultimate Edition and a Year of Free DLCs

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.15

“PAYDAY 2” is easily one of the longest-running regularly updated video game, spanning four entire years with tons of extra content to play around, especially in the multiplayer community. Surprisingly, fans of the game can still expect another year of steady supply of content along with its most decisive bundle yet; “PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition.”

Overkill Software just recently made the announcement for the “PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition,” which is now scheduled to be released this coming June 8. Those who haven't touched the game since day one will have all the drive to do so now with the upcoming release, which will be coming along with technically “everything.” By this, it means all the 144 updates that took place since its initial release from 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The bundle is apparently Overkill Software's way of giving a huge “thank you” for the fans who have stood by with it for the rest of the game's existence, which see-sawed its way to 2017. To make this message even clearer, the price for “PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition” is reduced down to $45 instead of the original base version plus all the paid DLCs, which could easily amount to more than $200. The bundle will also be available for another 10 percent discount for some time in its initial release.

Interestingly enough, Overkill Software also states that the original 2017 support end for “PAYDAY 2” will be pushed back to October 2018 instead and what made the deal even sweeter is that every owner of the game will be entitled to FREE DLCs for the entire year until the support ends. This isn't even limited to select DLCs as Overkill Software stated that everything will be free from here on out.

Finally, those who are waiting for “PAYDAY 3” will need to be on standby for a bit longer, though the developers have already claimed that it is already going through its pre-production state. For the meantime, the future content of “PAYDAY 2” will be free, which would certainly mean a lot to the supporting communities.

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