Still Waiting for iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Before Updating? Here's a Guide on How to Decide

By C. de Lacy / 2017.05.13

After the news of Pangu's inevitable return in the iOS jailbreak scene after going silent for a couple of months, many have anticipated a finally working iOS 10.2 or even 10.3 exploit tool. Unfortunately, after a few days from the rumored “within a week” release, we haven't learned anything new and here's what will help users gauge the urgency of updating or the need to steer away from Apple's latest firmware updates.

Before April ended, we've covered news about the surprising return of Pangu and the promise of releasing a working jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3.1. The news spread like wildfire on the internet, especially after several sources and even videos to prove that the popular hacking team is finally picking up the pieces where Luca Todesco stopped.

However, a week has passed and there isn't anything worth getting pumped up about just yet. The last update users have seen would be the one that was posted at @qwerty860320, which the credibility might have already started plummeting (and even earlier for some who have been skeptical in the beginning).

Right now, several online news outlets might pick up on this news, though not everyone might be able to interpret the series of convoluted facts. Fortunately, some communities are already posting several sources of where fake jailbreak tools are coming out, which needs to be avoided, especially with the risk of getting infected by spambots and scams.

In just a few more days, Apple will be releasing the iOS 10.3 version and it might be a tough decision for some to finally be forced to update, especially the increasing number of security fixes and improvement that will eventually pave way for the iOS 11.

Those who are fortunate enough to meet the requirements for using the last working Yalu102 could stick with it for a bit longer. Wccftech's recently posted tool might also prove useful for those who find tracking the Yalu Jailbreak App expiry tedious. The tool simply shows a timer and more or less, a reminder of when the jailbreak tool needs to be re-signed.

For those who don't meet the requirements, especially those stuck with later versions of iOS 10 may want to upgrade to the latest version instead whenever it is available. This isn't to say that it will be for the rumored jailbreak tool from Pangu, but for the best security and stability. There are almost dozens of sources of alternatives for tweaks and apps, though not exactly the same in scope with Cydia.

The latest iOS 10 jailbreak tool might need a bit more time in order to move on the later versions, but as things look at the moment, the best bet might be placed with somebody else working on an iOS 11 exploit, which might even make more sense given the trivial changes between the iOS 10 variants.

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