Why 'Dynasty Warriors 9' Going Open-World is a Huge Deal

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.05.15

For the first time ever, a "Dynasty Warriors" title will forgo levels in favor of the open-world formula in the upcoming "Dynasty Warriors 9." And for long-time "Dynasty Warriors" fans, this change is a huge deal.

"Dynasty Warriors 9" Goes Open-World

Here are some details about "Dynasty Warrior 9"'s open-world feature, as translated and compiled by Kite Stenbuck from Japanese publication Famitsu.

- "Dynasty Warriors 9"'s open world will have dynamic time and weather changes, which greatly affects gameplay. For example, players will be harder to detect during rainy weather conditions, as well as during nighttime.
- There will be over ten main cities in "Dynasty Warriors 9," and missions will be happening all across the world map. Apart from cities, there will also be a smattering of small villages and towns on the map.
- Players can do Fast Travel, most likely in between already visited areas, but other modes of transportation will also be available, such as horses and boats. Swimming is also an option, although it will obviously take longer.

Why and Open-World "Dynasty Warriors 9" Matters

Instead of going into battle in separate levels, just like in the previous "Musou" games, developer Omega Force and publisher Koei Tecmo decided to use an open-world format. With so many games having the open world feature, it is interesting how Omega Force will apply this to "Dynasty Warriors 9," especially since it is a first for the series.

According to interviews, the developers decided to go open world as the old formula has been used many times already. As it appears, this is a way to get both die-hard "Musou" fans and newcomers interested in "Dynasty Warriors 9."

With a map as huge as China, going open world is a great choice, but also a daunting task for the developers. The screenshots pretty much show what to expect from "Dynasty Warriors 9" sceneries, and fans can't wait to see the open world mechanic in action soon.

"Dynasty Warriors 9" is confirmed to be a Playstation 4 title, and is hinted for a Winter 2017 release in Japan.

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