New 'Metroid' for the Nintendo Switch to Break Nintendo's Traditional E3 Absence?

By Carlo de Lacy / 2017.05.14

It's been a long while since fans last saw Samus Aran's last adventure, though rumors surrounding a new “Metroid” game for the Nintendo Switch have already started floating around. If Nintendo's promise of a surprising presence in the upcoming E3 2017 event, this could just be the best excuse they've got to actually be there and not shy away from the larger crowd of gamers.

As posted recently at GameRant, rumors about a new “Metroid” game coming to the Nintendo Switch have started circulating online. In fact, it has been brewing around months prior, but one of the biggest clues might just have been exposed and it could be thanks to a known “Metroid” fan and game music composer, Alexander Brandon.

Besides the usual stints and gigs that Brandon is usually involved with, one activity caught fans' attentions and it was the fact that he was working with Retro Studious, the same company responsible for bringing us the “Metroid Prime” trilogy. There's no real mention of what game exactly, he was working on as opposed to the other projects like “Torment: Tides of Numenara” and “Voidrunner.” though it could still be taken with a grain of salt to think that it would be another “Metroid” game.

There is still some small possibility that it could something else. Otherwise, it would still be best to wait around for Nintendo to make a formal announcement. Fortunately, E3 2017 is just a few more weeks away from happening and with Nintendo's promise (via GameRant) of a “major” presence in the annual event as opposed to their usual way of presenting big updates over Nintendo Direct and Treehouse events, fans can be in for a big surprise.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima also mentioned something about unannounced titles in development that will “boost” the Nintendo Switch's sales and besides the already mentioned “Mario Odyssey” and other major IPs, the speculation narrows down to such titles like “Metroid” for the Switch. Still, fans can still spare a few more days in order to get closer to a release, let alone, an announcement.

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