Is Kate Middleton Not Willing to Get Pregnant for a Third Baby?

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.05.15

Kate Middleton and Prince William have two children and now that their youngest child turned two years old, people are wondering if they intend to extend their royal family. However, this seems unlikely to happen.

In the past months, rumors saying that the royal couple is excited to have a third baby or that Middleton is already pregnant have started swirling in different media. The rumor has been increasing a lot lately after the Duchess shared how overwhelming it is for her to become a mother.

It can be recalled that the 35-year-old Duchess of Cambridge’s dress in the public were mostly noted to be outfit for someone who is pregnant. Last month, Middleton has stepped out with a green lace dress and this has sparked rumors about her pregnancy. Some pointed out how the Duchess cover her belly while holding a gold clutch.

However, Spiritual Medium Gina Marie DeLuca and some royal experts have stated that though Middleton plays the role of a perfect supportive wife and royal, she knows how to make decisions, especially if it will be about her own pregnancy, citing that the royal couple does not have plans yet to get third baby number three this year.

According to a supposed source from the palace, the “family is complete.” Moreover, Prince Philip has already retied so it would be impossible for the couple to extend their family with the royal duties filed up on their desks.

“I would be very surprised if they have a third child,” the source reportedly said. “They have got a boy and a girl – there is a sense that their family is now complete and they are moving onto the next chapter in their lives.”

Despite all this pregnancy rumors, both Kate Middleton and Prince William are mum about the issue and continue to do their royal obligations.

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