What to Expect from Jo In-Sung's New Movie 'Ansi City: Fortress of Abandoned People'

By Maolen E. / 2017.05.12

After playing an ambitious prosecutor in Han Jae Rim's "The King," Jo In Sung will star next in the historical film “Ansi City: Fortress of Abandoned People.” Since many fans have been wondering what to expect in the upcoming film, here are all the details so far.

“Ansi City: Fortress of Abandoned People” reenacts the Siege of Ansi, a three-month long battle between Goguryeo and Tang forces in the Korean peninsula, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily. For the film, Jo In Sung transforms into a Goguryeo commander, Yang Man Chu, who must protect the Ansi Fortress from Tang Taizong’s army at all costs.

“Ansi City: Fortress of Abandoned People” is the first film to be produced by Studio&New – a subsidiary firm under Next Entertainment World Co., Ltd – with a production budget of up to 15 billion won (more than $13 million).

Director Kim Kwang Sik, whose previous projects include the 2014’s “Tabloid Truth” and 2010’s “My Dear Desperado,” will reportedly wrap up all of the necessary logistics in the first half of the year and begin filming sometime in August.

That being said, Jo In Sung recently shared the reason why he accepted the offer to be part of the historical film “Ansi City: Fortress of Abandoned People.” In a statement obtained by Korean newsoutlet Naver, as cited by Soompi, the 35-year-old actor said he wanted to share an important part of history with the younger generation.

“I was more than happy to accept the offer for this role because I felt the scenario perfectly reflected what a strong and wise leader can do for their country,” Jo In Sung continued. “The message the movie has is powerful and provides a new look into our history. Just thinking about the large-scale battle we’re preparing gets me excited.”

“Ansi City: Fortress of Abandoned People” is expected to premiere in early 2018.

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