Michael Schumacher’s Health Condition Update: Is it Possible to See the Legendary Driver Return?

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.05.11

Michael Schumacher’s health condition update is still a mystery after the famous F1 racing driver suffered a serious head injury in a skiing accident in December, 2013. However, his racing boss revealed that he hopes to see the legendary racer to return to GP paddock one day.

The German retired racing F1 driver was known to be a seven-time world champion for F1 and tagged as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. And now that his son, Mick is also slowly gaining his name in the same field, plenty of his fans and friends are hoping to see him back, even if not riding a formula car but just staying at the field to watch his son during racing show.

“We would all love to see Michael,” McLaren boss Zak Brown told Daily Star Online during an interview.  He also praised Michael’s son, Mick and said that the German driver’s son is very good and they hope the best for him as they know he has been through very tough period.

Mercedes has been supporting the famous F1 German driver and his family by sporting the “#KeepFightingMichael” message on their racing cars. But Mercedes reportedly dropped the message to apparently replace it with “Keep Fighting” initiative which is a movement to encourage people like Michael Schumacher who have been fighting and keeping their selves strong for their own lives.

Schumacher’s friends and fans have actively creating movement and supporting those to draw strength and courage for Schumacher and his family. They reportedly hopes to see the legendary German F1 driver appear publicly as he was not seen anywhere since his accident.

According to latest report, Michael Schumacher’s health condition seemed stable and that he is being cared by his family and receives private medical treatment and rehabilitation in their home near in Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

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