Bears’ Bandwagon Trade for Trubisky, Forget about Glennon

By Fred Richardson / 2017.05.01

Last Thursday’s trade by the Chicago Bears to the #2 slot in the NFL Draft to grab QB Mitchell Trubisky, was seen by observers around the league as a desperate, bandwagon move by the Bears Front Office.

Mock drafts several months ago, at the end of the college football season, did not have Trubisky anywhere near the top of the draft.  Many had DeShone Kizer as the top QB to be selected among the top 3 picks.  

What often happens in the lead-up to the draft is that GMs start to bandwagon on each other’s picks, leading to some previously mid to low first round picks, jumping up into the top of the draft.  

This appears to have been the case with Trubisky, with the GM bandwagon rumor mill so high that even the Cleveland Browns considered taking Trubisky with the #1 pick.  Instead, the Chicago Bears jumped on the bandwagon at the last moment, trading up just one slot from #3 to #2, paying a steep price of valuable draft picks in the process.  

However, as the Bears jumped on the bandwagon at the last moment with Trubisky, they forgot about their prize free-agent QB signing in Mike Glennon. Signed just seven weeks prior, Glennon was the de facto starting QB and face of the franchise.  

According to Rich Campbell at the Chicago Tribune, the Bears even asked Glennon to join a draft party at Soldier Field on Thursday, during the first round.  Glennon obliged, not knowing that the Bears would eventually be choosing his replacement.  Glennon was so surprised by the pick that he “felt as though he had been cheated on.”

The report about Glennon, combined with numerous report about head coach John Fox also not knowing about the selection of Trubisky, lead many NFL observers to believe that this was a last minute pick by the Bears front office.

The Bears likely jumped on the bandwagon of Trubisky, based on rumors of other GMs liking him, leading to their infamous draft day trade from #3 to #2 to select him.

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