'Pokémon GO' Update: Niantic Labs Finally Confirms Move to Combat Spoofers

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.04.21

Niantic Labs has finally confirmed its move to combat spoofers in "Pokémon GO," and has partnered with Google to remove GPS spoofing from the game.

According to information given to Pokémon GO Hub by a source, Niantic has been working on finding ways to remove spoofers from the augmented reality game. Niantic recently confirmed this on the official Niantic Support Twitter account, stating that the company is "working to add functionality to stop spoofing".

The source told Pokémon GO Hub that the move is not without its obvious hurdles. One, Niantic is prioritizing development on upcoming features for "Pokémon GO," which is probably trading and PvP, as well as addressing more urgent issues and tickets.

The source also said that Google is "slowly helping out" on their end. In line with this, it has also been recently confirmed that spoofing no longer works on Android, according to a post on The Silph Road reddit. However, this has nothing to do with the latest Android version 7.1, according to a comment by a Redditor.

"It's not the Android version that matters for this, but the security patch version," Redditor SylarNA commented. "If you have march 2017 security patch, even if your Android version is 6.0, that exploit on mock locations will be fixed."

This, unfortunately, is not a fool-proof way to eradicate spoofers, as most will just ignore the March security update and continue spoofing anyway.

As for iOS users who are tired of spoofers, removing spoofing could be a lot more complicated. "I believe spoofing works on iOS by essentially using hacked versions of the game on a jail broken phone," another Redditor commented. "So as long as people can jail break their phones and smart people are still able to crack the game and hack in the spoofing functionality, people will be able to spoof on iOS."

Stay tuned for more "Pokémon GO" updates.

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