'Hunter X Hunter' Chapter 361 Hiatus May Result to the Cancelation of the Whole Series

By Kaye Chang / 2017.04.21

Even if there is still no news nor confirmation regarding "Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 361, fans are still continuously waiting. The hype is also still high.

However, fans can still continue seeing their favorite character, Gon, with the release of "Monster Hunter XX."

There are no details available yet about the release of Chapter 361. Due to several reports that Yoshihiro Togashi is still recovering from his back pain, the delay still continues.

Shueisha even informed Rocket News 24 that they are uncertain when they will resume the series knowing that Togashi's condition has gotten worse.

There are also rumors that the creator Yoshihiro Togashi is already in perfect health after he was seen enjoying an anime manga event with a friend. However, the creator is yet to start with the next chapters of the beloved manga and anime series.

The last chapter of "Hunter X Hunter" ended in the Dark Continent Expedition arc where Kurapika tried making a contact with other Hunters.

Ever since Togashi was reported to have issues with his health, there were several speculations that his wife, Naoko Takeuchi, will be replacing him. This decision, as rumored, is to avoid further hiatuses as well as to maintain the air date of the manga.

There were also reports that Shueisha even tried hiring a group of writers to start the production of the next chapter. However, since the new writers cannot keep with the quality that Togashi can produce, the production house slashed the idea.

Due to the several reasons resulting to the hiatus of "Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 361, there were several reports claiming that it is not impossible to cancel the entire franchise. There were speculations that the production house Shueisha already lost interest in the continuation of the series.

Since everything is still speculations, hopes are still up for fans. Stay tuned with Starz Post to know more details about "Hunter X Hunter."

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