Hints Surrounding 'Elementary' Season 6: Canceled or Renewed?

By Kaye Chang / 2017.04.20

Sherlock Holmes, together with Dr. Joan Watson, were fighting the crimes in Big Apple for five season of "Elementary." However, how long will they do it? Will there be an "Elementary" Season 6?

The modern-day adaptation of "Elementary" to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective stories gave them new and modern spins. However, after five season renewals, season 5 might be the final season of "Elementary."

According to TV Series Finale, the mystery drama is one of CBS' least watched TV shows. Although it is in a tough timeslot, the rating "Elementary" Season 5 got is terrible for a CBS TV series.

However, fans should not keep their hopes down. We cannot deny the performances of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Every time the two shares screen space, we cannot deny that it is becoming a highlight of the scene.

There are also unanswered questions as the series progressed so we might still be seeing an "Elementary" Season 6. We would still want to see Joan's half-sister as well as the Papa Holmes and Moriarty's organization.

According to Deadline as well, there might still be another season for "Elementary" since there are writer staffing deals for Season 6. It was also stated that even if the ratings for Season 5 are considered low, there are off network streaming as well as subscription deals with Hulu Plus, WGN America, and other broadcasting stations which is summing up to almost $3 Million per episode

During an investor conference last May, Leslie Moonves, CBS Corporation's CEO, also stated that "Elementary" is an example of a program ownership success story. According to Deadline, the show made an approximate $80 Million dollars profit for CBS Corporation just in 2015.

It looks like there are more chances that there will be an "Elementary" Season 6 to hit the small screens. Although everything is still speculations until now, Starz Post will keep you updated for more "Elementary" stories.

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