This New Instagram Trend The Holographic Hair Dye is Perfect for Your Next Coachella Look!

By Mariel Rosco / 2017.04.20

The fashion industry has made quite a mark on the latest fashion trends on the runway and apparently, it is not just clothes that are constantly evolving but as well as beauty trends! Recently, the latest trend that people are calling “holographic hairstyle” is making a buzz on social media sites particularly on Instagram and it is because this hair color trend will make you want to believe in fairytales, rainbows and unicorns again!

If you’re planning to go to this huge music festival it is important to look your best while you’re out with your friends at the Coachella annual music and arts festival. Try a different look this year and transform yourself with this new hair trend called “Holographic Hair” that was coined by Ross Michaels Salon who is owned by the two talented hairstylists’ couple Melody Lowenstein and Michael Lowenstein.

They’re famous for creating hair dyes that are beyond your expectations! They already gained 37,900 followers on Instagram and a lot of their fans loved how they style their customers’ hairs!

Transforming your locks into this iridescent  hair dye that has a subtle shades of pastel colors like purple and blue that  were beautifully mixed together to create a 3D like effect will absolutely make you stand out when you’re at the Coachella music festival!

According to Chiala Marvici who is a Redken colorist, Hand-Pressed Coloring is like screen printing to the hair that creates unique designs in a variety of colors. Marvici was inspired to do this hair coloring technique because of a painting at her apartment.

Want to pull off the trending holographic hairstyle for your Coachella look? Before going to your favorite salon make sure that you have a light colored hair like gray or a platinum blond so that the pastel colors will blend well with your gorgeous locks.

Tune in for more styling tips!

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