‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Keegan Allen Hints Finale ‘Will Be Remembered Forever’

By Riezel O. / 2017.04.21

Playing as Toby Cavanaugh in “Pretty Little Liars,” actor Keegan Allen recently revealed another secret about the show’s upcoming finale episode.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 27-year old actor confessed that the fate of his fiancée, Yvonne, will continue to linger in next week’s episode. “Next week it’ll linger, but there is an amazing thing that does end up happening,” he says.

Allen was then asked if another Spoby kiss can happen in the upcoming episodes of “Pretty Little Liars,” in which he said, “I can honesty say that there is not another Spoby kiss.” However, he hinted that a Spoby wedding might happen.

“Because it’s the last ten episodes, there are a lot of surprises. So you could be watching and you could be like, ‘Oh! They just got married!’ You know what I mean? It could be just that crazy.” “Or it could not be,” he playfully teased. “It could be like ‘Oh! They just died.’”

When asked about how he feels about the revelation of A.D., Allen confessed, “Oh, this is insane. Like, it's to the point where you read it and it takes a very long time for it to process because it's so astronomically well done – and crazy… it’s, like, exactly, what you would want – after all this time – to happen. It’s what a fan would love for this to end like. It’s so crazy!”

The Freeform actor played the game “Two Truths and ‘A’ Lie,” in which he will divulge two true information and one lie. He then spills that in the finale episode someone will die, someone will kill someone and someone will try to bribe someone and it’s up to the fans to determine which is which.

Wrapping up, Allen was also asked to describe the series finale, in which he answered, “Memorable. Extremely memorable, which I know is two words. It’s iconic. For sure, you will remember it forever.”

“Pretty Little Liars” air every Tuesday at 8PM ET/PT on Freeform.

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