'Mass Effect Andromeda' Missing Arks Guide: How to Find the Turian Ark

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.04.20

There are three missing Arks in "Mass Effect Andromeda": the Asari, Salarian, and Turian arks, all of which were supposed to land on Nexus with the Human colony ship. It is up to you and your crew to locate each one of them. Here's how to locate the Turian Ark in the game.

Finding the Turian Ark

Just like the other arks, there are missions that you must do in order to complete the Turian ark mission. You will hear about the ark during one of your missions on Havarl, but you won't have access to it until after completing the main mission "A Better Beginning."

Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet

For this mission, you will need to find a group of Turians on Havarl. You will need to help them fend off attacks from some Angarians. After that, one of the Turians, Turian officer Avitus Rex, will speak to you about looking for the ark.

It will be quite a long wait until this progresses though, as you will need to wait until you get access to planet Eladaan. Rix will finally contact you via email to trigger the mission "Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten."

Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten

Get to the waypoint location to find some broken cryo pads, then head back to Tempest and inform Rix about them. Rix will then give you another waypoint to follow. Unlike the Asari Ark, the Turian Ark will be devoid of alien enemies, so just follow the waypoint all throughout the mission.

You will then find out about the truth behind the Turian Ark (we won't spoil it for you), and will appoint Rix as the new pathfinder after that.

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